Technical Programme and Scope


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Technical Programme and Scope:

(1)Radar System and Signal Processing 

• Radar Systems

• Advanced RF and Antenna Technologies

• Radar Signal and Data Processing

• SAR and ISAR 

• Target and Environment Characteristics

• Emerging Technology

• Advanced Radar Application

(2)Radar Target Detection and Recognition Processing 

• Waveform Design and Optimization

• Digital Beamforming

• Space Time Adaptive Processing

• Target Detection and Tracking

• Target Identification and Recognition

• Data Fusion and Information Fusion

• High-speed Real-time Signal Processing

• Interference Suppression and Anti-Jamming

(3)Millimeter Wave/Tera-Hertz Radar Signal Processing and Applications 

• Millimeter Wave Traffic Signal Processing 

• Tera-Hertz Radar Signal Processing 

• Millimeter Wave Technique for Diverse Applications 

• Tera-Hertz Radar for Diverse Applications

(4)Remote Sensing Signal and Data Processing

• Multi-spectral and Hyperspectral Remote Sensing 

• Active and Passive Microwave Remote Sensing

• Land, Oceans, Atmosphere, and Space Information Processing

• Remote Sensing Applications

• Spaceborne, Airborne and Terrestrial Platforms

(5)Multichannel and Array Signal Processing 

• Direction of Arrival Estimation

• Adaptive Beamforming

• Space Time Adaptive Processing

• Frequency Diverse Array Processing

• MIMO Signal Processing

• Multichannel Imaging

• Distributed and Decentralized Signal Processing

(6)Biomedical Signal Processing 

• Vital Signal and Information Processing

• Multimodality Imaging Fusion and Reconstruction

• Artificial Intelligence in Medical Imaging 

• Brain Signal Processing

• Microscopic Data Processing 

• Molecular Biology Data Processing

(7)Signal Processing Theory & Methods 

• Intelligent Signal Processing

• Statistical Signal Processing

• Signal and System Modeling and Estimation

• Adaptive Filter Analysis and Design

• Sampling and Reconstruction

• Signal Processing over Graphs 

• Dictionary Learning, Subspace, and Manifold Learning

(8)Artificial Intelligence in Signal Processing 

• Supervised Learning for Signal Processing

• Unsupervised Learning for Signal Processing

• Learning Signal Representation Using Deep Learning

• Deep learning for Natural Language Processing and Text Signal Processing

• Reinforcement Learning and Planning For Signal Processing

• Machine Learning in Multimedia Signal Processing

(9)Speech, Audio, Acoustic and Sonar Processing 

• Speech Enhancement, Recognition and Synthesis

• Audio Testing & Electro-Acoustics 

• Sensor Array Signal Processing and Spatial Audio Processing

• Underwater Communication and Acoustic Images Processing

(10)Image, Video, and Multimedia Processing 

• Sensing, Representation, and Modeling

• Image & Video Analysis and Understanding

• Image & Video Perception and Quality Models

• Stereoscopic, Multiview, and 3D Processing

• Multimodal Fusion and Processing

• Multimedia Algorithms, Standards, and Trends

(11)Signal Processing for Communications and Networks 

• Machine Learning based PHY Layer Algorithms

• Reinforcement Learning for Radio Resource Allocation

• Information and Signal Processing for Pushing and Caching

• Deep Learning aided Lossy Data Compression

• Spectrum Sensing, Learning, and Monitoring

• In-network Computation and Signal Processing

• Joint Scheduling of Communication and Computation

• Mobile Edge Computing and Computation Offloading

(12)Photon / Quantum Signal and Information Processing 

• Microwave Photonic Processing, Sensing, and Measurements

• Microwave Photonic Beam Forming Techniques

• Radio over Fiber Techniques, Fiber-Wireless Communications, and 5G

• Quantum Sensing and Imaging

• Quantum Computing and Signal Processing

• Quantum Precision Measurement and Communication

Important dates

Paper Submission Deadline:
15 July 2024
Paper Acceptance Notification:
15 August 2024
Camera-ready Paper Submission:
15 September 2024
Registration open date:
16 August 2024
Conference Date:
November 22-24, 2024

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