Prof. Motoyuki Sato

Biograph: Motoyuki Sato received the Dr. Eng. degree in information engineering from the Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan.  Since 1997 he is a professor at Tohoku University.  

His current interests include transient electromagnetics and antennas, radar polarimetry, ground penetrating radar (GPR), borehole radar, electromagnetic induction sensing, interferometric and polarimetric SAR.  

He was the technical chair of International conference on Ground Penetrating Radar, GPR96 held in Sendai, Japan and he served the general chair of IGARSS2011. He received 2014 Frank Frischknecht Leadership Award from SEG for his contribution to his sustained and important contributions to near-surface geophysics in the field of ground-penetrating radar.

Title: Signal processing for Near Range Radar

Abstract: Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is a typical near-range radar, and the interaction of antenna with radar targets is important in the radar performance. In this keynote speech, I will introduce a few examples how antenna design, signal processing directly contribute the radar performance. And I will demonstrate our works on advanced signal processing in GPR which include soil moisture estimation. Then we will also discuss about GB-SAR system based on MIMO radar and its signal processing.


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