Prof. Xuan Feng

Biograph: Xuan Feng is a professor and deputy dean of college of Geo-exploration science and technology in Jilin University. He was the postdoctoral of Tohoku University, and visiting scientist of MIT. His research interesting is GPR and exploration seismology. Currently, he is the PI of NSFC project and national key research and development Program of China. He published paper in IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and remote sensing etc. and his paper was selected as bright spots by Geophysics and his research was selected as the cover of IEEE J-STARS. He is IEEE senior member and awarded the title of "new century excellent talents" by the Ministry of education and awarded the title of "outstanding young scientific and technological talents of land and resources" by the Ministry of land and resources.

Title: Polarimetric Migration Imaging of full Polarimetric GPR

Abstract: Polarization has been less common in the ground-penetrating radar (GPR) community, but it may sensitive to different types of subsurface objects, which offers a potential improvement in the detection ability of GPR. The presentation will show a full polarimetric GPR technology and the signal processing algorithm. By merging the Pauli polarimetric decomposition technique with the Krichhoff migration technique, we develop a polarimetric migration algorithm. The algorithm can enhance the subsurface image and improve the classification ability of GPR by merging the reconstructed image with polarization properties.


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30 April 2019
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15 July 2019
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15 August 2019
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1 July 2019
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11-13 December, 2019

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