Prof. Yong Wang

Biograph: Dr. Yong Wang is currently a professor with the institute of electronic engineering technology in Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT). His main research interests are in the fields of time frequency analysis of nonstationary signal, radar signal processing, and their application in synthetic aperture radar (SAR) imaging. 

Dr. Yong Wang has published more than 100 papers, and most of them appeared in the journals of IEEE Trans. On GRS, IET Signal Processing, Signal Processing, etc. He received the National Natural Science Foundation for outstanding young scientists in 2016, and received the Program for New Century Excellent Talents in University of Ministry of Education of China in 2012, and the Excellent Doctor’s Degree nomination Award in China in 2010.

Title: Shipborne Inverse Synthetic Aperture Radar Imaging of Ship Target

Abstract: Shipborne Inverse synthetic aperture radar (ISAR) imaging of target with complex motion is very important and difficult in the field of radar imaging, and it has great value in practice. For the target with complex motion, the rotational velocity and rotational axis are time varying, and this will induce the time varying character for the Doppler frequency of the received signal. Thus, the traditional radar imaging algorithm will be inappropriate in this case, and the corresponding radar images will be blurred severely and can not be recognized correctely. Then, the received signal can be characterized as multi-component polynomial phase signal (PPS) for the target with complex motion, and the time frequency analysis for the PPS should be implemented to improve the radar image quality. This report will introduce the principle of shipborne ISAR imaging of ship target, and some experimental results for the raw data are provided. Finally, the prospect or vision for the ISAR imaging of target with complex motion in the future is given.


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