Prof. Wei Peng

Biograph: Wei Peng is a senior member of IEEE. She received her Ph.D degree from Hong Kong University. She worked in Tohoku University, Japan from 2009~2013 as an assistant professor and is currently with the school of Electronics and Communications, Huazhong University of Science and Technology as an associate professor. Her research interests include wireless signal processing, network design, intelligent communication, and etc.

Title: Statistical CSI Acquisition in Non-stationary Massive MIMO Environment

Abstract: This talk discusses the statistical channel state information (S-CSI) acquisition problem in the non-stationary massive multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) environment, where both the instantaneous and statistical channel states are time-varying. Firstly, we set up a hidden statistical channel state Markov model (HSCSM-model). Then, the parameter of the HSCSM-model is estimated through the observed sequence of received signals. Next, based on the HSCSM-model and its estimated parameter, the S-CSI is obtained through a maximum a-posteriori decision process. An accurate S-CSI acquisition can be achieved by the proposed approach in the non-stationary massive MIMO environment. In addition, the estimation accuracy rate of our scheme increases with the length of observation sequence as well as the number of antennas, where a tradeoff between them exists given a limited computing ability/storage space.


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